The Best & the Worst of Humanity (#I): “We won’t let you die.” & “Damn you faggot!”

Those of us who spend more than a fleeting moment or two online everyday inevitably come across stories and videos that make us feel ashamed or proud; that make us worry about the fate of humanity or, do just the opposite:  remind us that there is more good in the human spirit than we realize.

The sad truth is, we need to be aware of the good and the bad.  We need to know about all the horrible things going wrong so we can do “tikun olam,” we can repair this world we call ‘home.’

I’m pleased to introduce a new regular feature to my rants and raves:  Videos that show the worst and the best of humanity.

Here are this weeks inaugural submissions.  As always, your comments and feedback are most welcome.


A school of dolphins ride the surf onto a beach and suddenly find themselves stranded.  Fortunately, there were lots of really good people on this beach who cared.

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Unhappy bitter people who are not pleased with the way life has turned out for them, always manage to find someONE or someGROUP to blame.  In this video, we learn of 71-year-old Texas woman who for no apparent reason decided to violently attack he next door neighbor.  The justification for the attack?  He is gay.

Vodpod videos no longer available.