The Gay Agenda Exposed! (VIDEO)

Please share this post with people you may know who are quite sure that LGBT people have some kind of dangerous, nefarious agenda to destroy society.

If after viewing this video if you still think that gay couples and gay families are somehow destroying the institution of marriage and the family,  I respectfully suggest that it is YOU and not US who are doing serious damage to our society and the values that decent, educated, cultured and RELIGIOUS people hold dear.

Gay & Lesbian Penguin Couples Living Happily Ever After in Land of the Bible

One of my favorite memes making the rounds reads:


The following story from the online magazine, Israel 21c, reports on 2 gay and 2 lesbian penguins finding their soul-mates in the Holy Land. Does anyone suffering from Jerusalem Syndrome feel some compulsion to tell them that what they are doing is contrary to the will of God?

 Same-sex penguin couple nests together in Israeli zoo

Jackass penguins Suki and Chupchikoni are not the first gay animal couple to live in holy matrimony.

Suki and Chupchikoni, two female Jackass penguins, are waving a new rainbow flag at the Ramat Gan Zoological Center.

Suki and Chupchikoni, two female Jackass penguins, are waving a new rainbow flag at the Ramat Gan Zoological Center.

Dashik and Yehuda, two male griffon vultures, first made headlines when they raised surrogate chicks together at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo back in 1999. Now, Suki and Chupchikoni, two female Jackass penguins, are waving a new rainbow flag at the Zoological Center Ramat Gan (Safari) just outside of Tel Aviv. Safari keepers say it was pretty obvious that Suki was a female because of her size. As soon as she and Chupchikoni coupled up and started collecting nesting materials together, the zoo staff wrongly assumed that Suki’s black-footed penguin companion was a male.

Penguins pair for life and there was no mistaking Suki and Chupchikoni’s attraction.


“There is no way of telling a male penguin from a female just by looking at them,” says Safari spokeswoman Sagit Horowitz. “But usually the keepers can guess the gender by size and behavior.”

It was an Israeli veterinary student’s research on diagnosing avian malaria that outed Suki and Chupchikoni. Blood samples taken from the South African penguins showed that Chupchikoni was also a female.

“We had no doubt about Suki, as she is quite small,” said Tamuz Setti, head of the Safari Avian Department.

The Safari supports the new couple and even promoted their status with a press release and photos.

“This is our first lesbian animal couple at the Safari,” said Setti. “And because there are a few young available males in the colony, we are certain that this is a choice they made to be together and not a coupling by default.”

As Far As I’m Concerned, San Antonio, Texas Is As Good As ‘Lying In the Ground’ (AUDIO RECORDING)

When asked about the hateful, homophobic conversation San Antonio city council member Elisa Chan had with her staff, she responded that it was her First Amendment Right to Be Homophobic

When asked about the hateful, homophobic conversation San Antonio city council member Elisa Chan had with her staff, she responded that it was her First Amendment Right to Be Homophobic

Just today my sister explained to me that the Yiddish phrase, in-drerd literally means, lying in the ground.  For much of my life I’ve heard Yiddish speaking relatives and neighbors refer to people in deep trouble or facing hard times as being, in-drerd.  The expression is both a humorous and dramatic way of describing someone’s circumstances as no different from lying in the ground or more succinctly put, as good as dead.

Out Traveler  which offers people in the LGBT community travel advice and guidance, issued an alert today urging the LGBT community to avoid San Antonio, TX after a recording surfaced of a member of the city council and her staff discussing the merits of a proposed nondiscrimination  ordinance.  Suffice it to say, less than flattering things were said about gay people.   In fact, I would go so far as to say that the conversation was so full ignorance and senseless hate that I’m shocked that no one in the room had the smarts let alone the humanity to question any of the anti-gay propaganda being spewed.  But then again, when you’re a good Bible belching conservative southern Christian, I guess your humanity is a given.

FYI, if you are one of the people who participated in that child-like exchange of stupidity, incest, bestiality and child molestation are not sexual orientations.  But being a fool who spews hate and misinformation is.

I’ve never been a big fan of Texas; I have tried to tell myself time and again that not everyone in the Lone Star State is a right-wing Christian, gun-toting, intolerant dumb-ass redneck.  But time and time again Texans prove that idea to be much to kind and generous.  Well, as far as I’m concerned, San Antonio may as well be IN-DRERD!

I’m Here I’m Queer & I Will Not Accept Anything Less Than Full Equality & Respect

God's Pride.001

As someone who grew up in a working class family in the mid-20th Century and chose to become a more religious observant Jew as a young adult, my simultaneous journey as a gay man as been filled with real and imagined fears about the world learning of my sexual orientation.    I kidded myself for decades that I was really bisexual even as heterosexual dating proved to be anxiety provoking and never physically satisfying.  And in spite of a few very isolated experiences,  I went out of my way to not act on my sexual desires and emotional need for love and intimacy with a man.

When I came out of the closet 9 years ago the only thing about being gay that I was comfortable with was simply acknowledging the sexual orientation I had denied for the first 48 years of my life.   At that time, I was certainly not militant about fighting for gay rights.  The idea of marriage equality struck me as something so out of step with the Judaism I was so proud to practicing and the social norms of society that I concluded that the people who in 2004 were talking about gay marriage were at worst, embarrassing troublemakers or at best, naive dreamers.  No, gay marriage and full acceptance was nothing more than a silly dream about some idyllic life at the end of a rainbow.

Now, I insist, no, I DEMAND full equality with my heterosexual brothers and sisters and I will settle for nothing less.  Yes, I’ve come along way in 9 years and I couldn’t feel more confident of the propriety of my expectations.  I’m tempted to also say that somewhere along the way, I also made peace with God about my sexual orientation.  But you know what?   I don’t believe for a millisecond that God ever had a problem with me or any other LGBT people not being a baby-breeder.  God wants every person to give and receive love figuratively, literally, emotionally and spiritually.  Any animal can reproduce, only a mensch,  a decent, kind, loving, responsible human being can be an excellent parent REGARDLESS OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION. 

Learning from the media about LGBT people who are bullied, beaten and worse in less sophisticated corners of America and the world doesn’t surprise me even as such stories always make me angry.   But learning that LGBT people are still being verbally and physically assaulted on the streets of America’s most cultured, sophisticated city, New York leaves me concerned about how desperate homophobes have become in 2013.   And the homophobes have every reason to feel desperation:  more and more states are approving of marriage equality all the time; LGBT stars and storylines are as common on TV and movies as macho-men saving the world from evil;  DOMA is history and my President believes in my right to total equality.  We’ve come a long way baby, but as this heartfelt column by NYT columnist Frank Bruni points out, LGBT people haven’t entered the homestretch just yet.

(Reprinted from the 8/15/2015 NYT)

Gay and Fearful185463_110911452343375_4185238_n

If you’ve been out of the closet for decades and you live in a state that has marriage equality and, better yet, your city and neighborhood reflect the diversity that’s a hallmark of urban life at its most rewarding, it is easy, most of the time, to feel as respected and at ease in society as any straight person does.

Then your partner slips his hand in yours as you walk down the street and your stomach clenches just a bit. Your heart rate goes up a nervous notch or two. It’s not shame that does this. It’s not embarrassment. It’s the awareness that even in Manhattan and even in 2013, you might easily encounter someone who will cast a disgusted look your way. Or say something nasty. Or, worse, throw a punch.

According to news reports, holding hands was what got Peter Notman and Michael Felenchak attacked around midnight Tuesday night. They’d just seen a movie. They were in Chelsea, a Manhattan neighborhood known for its gay-friendliness. And they were set upon by six young men who shouted anti-gay slurs at them.

Notman and Felenchak ended up in the emergency room, where X-rays were taken, stitches done. Luckily, none of their injuries was critical and they didn’t need to be hospitalized.

This comes after the fatal shooting in Greenwich Village last May of Mark Carson, 32, by a man who first taunted him for being gay. Around the same time, there were other incidents of anti-gay violence in the borough.

As best I can tell, police responded with concern and energy. Exactly as I’d expect, most New Yorkers whose attention was drawn to this rash of violence reacted with sorrow and outrage. We live in a city—and, I hope, a country—where the vast majority of people do not believe that being gay warrants victimization. This isn’t Russia. This isn’t Uganda.

But after all the education that we Americans have had and all the relished progress we’ve made, being gay does mean feeling constrained in situations where most people aren’t, scared in circumstances that wouldn’t frighten others in the least, self-conscious when you shouldn’t have to be.

Like when you’re holding someone’s hand. It’s the sweetest, most innocent and most natural of gestures: to interlock your fingers with those of a person for whom you’re feeling a sudden rush of affection. A person you maybe love.

And yet when my partner takes my hand in public in New York City, I look at the sidewalk ahead. I note how many pedestrians are coming our way, and how quickly, and whether they’re male or female, young or old, observant or distracted.

And I sometimes take my hand back, wishing I were braver, wishing our world didn’t ask me to be.

Bridegroom: An American Love Story (VIDEO)


 I’m proud to say that I’m one of the thousands of people who financially kicked a few $$ to make sure this important, sad, compelling, inspiring documentary was made.  We are re-printing one of the first reviews of film which was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival.  

FYI, The original YouTube video that inspired the documentary is posted below as well.  MG

(Reprinted from the Hollywood Reporter 5/7/2013)

The Bottom Line

This deeply moving documentary will melt the heart of anyone who sees it.


Tribeca Film Festival


Linda Bloodworth Thomason

Linda Bloodworth Thomason’s documentary presents a human face on the issue of gay couples’ legal rights.

It’s guaranteed that there won’t be a dry eye in any theater showing Linda Bloodworth Thomason’s deeply moving documentary about the plight of Shane Bitney Crone, who lost his lover in a tragic accident and was prevented by the deceased’s family from even attending the funeral. The film – -inspired by a 2012 YouTube video posted by Crone that went viral — showcases the personal side of the story while also putting a spotlight on the hot-button issue of gay marriage. Screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, where it was introduced by no less a personage than President Clinton, Bridegroom is destined for a long life on the festival circuit and beyond.

Benefiting greatly from the seemingly endless amounts of personal video footage shot by the two men, including Shane’s “video diary,” it chronicles the relationship between the Montana-born Shane and the Indiana-born Tom, who met in Los Angeles while separately pursuing show-business careers. The former had a troubled adolescence, suffering from panic attacks instigated by his burgeoning awareness of his sexuality and his frightened reaction upon seeing the AIDS-themed film Philadelphia. When he finally summoned the nerve to write a love letter to his best friend, it only resulted in him being bullied by his schoolmates.

Tom, on the other hand, seemed to lead a charmed life, fueled in part by his drop-dead-handsome, movie-star looks. He attended a military academy then Vassar, where he was friends with future Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. When he later met Shane, the pair formed an instant bond and became inseparable, traveling the world together in low-budget fashion.

It’s Tom’s accidental death from a fall off a rooftop that fuels the film’s principal dramatic element, as Shane is prevented from seeing his dying lover in the hospital, only finally gaining entry thanks to the kindness of his nurses. Despite his previously warm relationship with Tom’s religious mother, he finds himself completely ostracized by the family, his presence in Tom’s life virtually erased.

Shane Bitney in front of the SCOUS.

Shane Bitney in front of the SCOUS.

The story is told in compelling sympathetic fashion by Designing Woman creator Thomason, with extensive comments by various friends and relatives of the couple as well as Shane himself, who movingly and articulately expresses his profound grief. Such moments as when he describes making his final farewell to his dead lover via the secret code of tapping that they used to express their love in public are simply shattering.

The film is not without its humorous aspects as well, such as an interview with Shane’s great-grandmother, who says of the couple, “That’s right, they’re Romeo and Romeo, get used to it.”

The final scene, in which Shane visits his lover’s grave — it’s only then that Tom’s all-too-ironic last name finally is revealed — is but the final heartbreaking moment in this film that has the power to move hearts and minds. Thomason tellingly ends the film with an extended shot of the Supreme Court building, silently making the point that this form of injustice possibly is on the verge of being corrected.

Venue: Tribeca Film Festival
Production: Mozark Productions
Director/screenwriter: Linda Bloodworth Thomason
Producers: Shane Bitney Crone, Allen Crowe
Executive producer: Shane Bitney Crone
Director of photography: James W. Roberson
Editor: Nicolas Romolini
Composer: Bruce Miller
No MPAA rating, 79 minutes

If You Are Not Like Me You Must Be Against Me: Another Gay Teen Suicide

Jadin Bell, age 15, was taken off life support today.

Jadin Bell, age 15, was taken off life support today.

Huffington Post- Gay Voices reported tonight that 15-year-old Jadin Bell of La Grande, Oregon was taken off life support and died early today.  The gay high school sophomore hung himself in his high school playground after what a family friend described as an intense period of bullying by his peers. 

The outgoing teen was not only bullied at school but on the internet as well by those who could not accept Jadin’s lack of social and sexual conformity to what they apparently deemed as normal.   Jody Bullock, one of Jadin’s friends told a local newspaper that he was amazingly sensitive:  “If he saw a wounded butterfly [as a child] he wanted to heal it … He is an amazing young man who is smart and very social; he has a persona and a presence that you want to be a part of.”

Conformity makes a lot of simple people comfortable.  Being “different,”  is threatening to the less sophisticated mind and those who don’t trust people who don’t share their point of view.  Ironically, just as we finished reading about Jadin’s death, we caught a video clip of Republican Senator  Ted Cruz speaking to the very conservative, National Review Institute.  In responding to a question about whether or not he would like to see America as a dominant military power in the world, Cruz starts to explain his views on America’s standing in the world and why he voted against John Kerry becoming Secretary of State and why he will vote against Chuck Hagel to become Secretary of Defense. Before he can even get another sentence out, the mediator of this auspicious group yells out:  “Because they are anti-us!” 

The greatest challenge confronting America and much of the world was, is and will continue to be the emotional immaturity of those who genuinely fear navigating life in a world in which there are other people who don’t share their point of view; people  who don’t conform to their ideas about what is normal; people who don’t share their religious and political beliefs.   How sad. 

One can’t help but wonder how such intolerant commoners  reconcile such simplistic reasoning with the message of “religious”conservatives usually claim to have such a  passionate knowledge of and adherence too.

Rest in peace Jadin.  I never met you but I’ll bet my life you were a better person than any of the people hassled and bullied you.    You can be sure that many of us will continue the fight for the rights of sensitive people who don’t necessarily conform to other people’s ideas of what is normal.   I promise. God willing.

When Did the BSA Go From Reflecting the Best in America to Promoting the Worst? (VIDEO)

Once upon a time in America, the Boy Scouts were viewed by most of us as a wonderful organization that built character in young men.  The refusal of this national organization to adapt to changing times and circumstances has put this once venerated group on the front line of  groups that promote hate.

When will Boy Scout leadership realize that fanatical, intolerant, right-wing Christian values are the problem, not the solution?

From today’s New York Times:

Published: July 17, 2012
The Boy Scouts of America has reaffirmed its longtime policy of barring openly gay boys from membership and gay or lesbian adults from serving as leaders. The decision, announced on Tuesday, came after what the organization described as a wide-ranging internal review, and despite public protests.

The exclusion policy “reflects the beliefs and perspectives” of the organization, the Boy Scouts said in a news release from its national headquarters in Irving, Tex.

“While a majority of our membership agrees with our policy, we fully understand that no single policy will accommodate the many diverse views among our membership or society,” said the Bob Mazzuca, the chief Scout executive, according to the statement.
Under growing public pressure to reconsider the issue, the Boy Scouts in 2010 formed a committee of 11 “volunteers and professional leaders to evaluate whether the policy was in the best interests of the organization,” the statement said. The committee “included a diversity of perspectives” and engaged in “extensive research and evaluations,” the statement said. But the existence of the committee was kept secret until now, and the Scouts declined to reveal its membership or methods.

Gay rights groups, who for years have pressed the Boy Scouts for change, said the organization was out of step with society.

“The Boy Scouts of America is one of the last cultural institutions to have discrimination as part of their policy,” said Richard Ferraro, vice president for communications with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, noting that the Girl Scouts, the Boys and Girls Clubs, the 4-H Clubs and now even the military forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation.    (read more)

Use the link below to see a video news report of an Eagle Scout who was dismissed from the organization this week for being gay.

Eagle Scout Thrown Out of Camp For Being Gay

Does Who a War Hero Loves Really Matter? (VIDEO)

I wish the cable news networks would stop giving time to bigots like Bryan Fischer who everyday preaches hate under the guise of  advancing God’s will.  Don’t wanna love a person or partner with a member of your gender?  You don’t have to.  But why do you have to legislate your personal preferences to the exclusion of mine?  And please, don’t tell me it’s your religious obligation.  My relationship with God is just as authentic and legitimate as yours and from what I understand, God is OK with my loving another man.

The Source of all life, love and knowledge should never be used as mask for hate.