Jesus Did Not Die at Auschwitz (VIDEO)


Convincing another person to subscribe to your own beliefs or opinions on a particular subject has to be one of the most -if not the most effective way of validating your own reasoning.   People who have confidence in their opinions or beliefs don’t necessarily need to convince anyone else of truthfulness or value of their convictions.  On the other hand people who may not be 100% sure they got it right feel a lot better when they hear those magic words, you’re right!

There are two reasons why Jews were never big on selling Judaism to Gentiles:

  • We don’t believe that we have a monopoly on either truth or God.  Every path to God and knowledge that inspires greater moral and ethical behavior is holy and has merits.

  • We frankly just don’t need anyone to validate our faith, heritage, beliefs, culture and values.

The early  followers of Jesus Christ were a small, marginal group within the Jewish community.  Not only did the majority of Jews at the time reject the idea that Jesus was the foretold messiah, but in time they became leery of and tried to exclude devotees of Jesus from the community.

To keep their young faith alive and flourishing, the followers of the Jewish preacher from Galilee marketed their new religion by promoting some enticing theologies:

  1. Jewish scripture had suggested that the (human!) redeemer or messiah would bring everlasting peace and harmony to a troubled world.  Jesus died having accomplished little by way of perfecting the human condition.  Oops. How to fix that? The first Christians announced that Jesus was not simply the foretold messiah, but  the human incarnate of that God that Jews had been worshipping since Abraham. And God’s don’t die do they?  Ergo, Jesus’ death was just a bit of theater with a purpose: God gave the world His son so he could experience the drama and trauma of a human execution.  Why? So Jesus could bear all our sins in the process of cleansing our souls for the afterlife.  “He died on the cross so you could live. Believe in him and have eternal life.”   A pretty nifty way of re-packaging the death of itinerant, charismatic preacher, no?

  2. For those Jews and Gentiles who found studying and adhering to the 613 mitzvot/commandments of Judaism something of an inconvenience, the followers of Jesus made the Jews an offer they hoped many couldn’t refuse: Accept Jesus as your savior and you don’t have to bother with those obnoxious dietary restrictions or all those inconvenient, time-consuming rituals of Jewish life. Belief in Jesus nullifies the rest.  Better yet, believe in Jesus and you will have eternal life.

  3. Once you’ve accepted Jesus and the deed to eternal life has you name on it, you can take possession of it by selling the said formula for eternal life to non-believers.  

Nothing has frustrated Christians of every denomination more than the unwillingness of those darn Jews who have stubbornly refused to accept Jesus as the foretold messiah.  What is wrong with those people?  

Since becoming the majority faith in much of the world, Christians have persecuted Jews for not buying their sales pitch on Jesus. Jews have time and again been banned from one country or another, denied citizenship, been socially, culturally, politically and economically persecuted in countless way.

One of the most creative and daring efforts to sell Jesus to the Jewish community has been the campaign in the last few decades to convince us that it’s actually possible to be a practicing Jew and believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God.

What a brilliant, clever bit of marketing!  

Hey y’a know what Yid?  Those goyim don’t understand how wonderful and authentic “our” religious traditions really are:  So be a Jew, but cover your bases and make sure you’ll  have eternal life by including Jesus in your davening.   Keep kosher!  Keep Shabbat! Put on tefilin and read from the Torah!  But realize once and for all that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob visited our world in a human form known as Jesus Christ.

There’s just one fundamental problem with this marketing scam, once a person accepts Jesus Christ as their lord and savior, they’re no longer Jewish, they’re a Christian! Claiming to be a Jew who believes in Jesus is like claiming there is such a thing as a human being without sin or that a fish that can live without water. I don’t think so.

Years ago when I learned years ago that the Church of Latter Day Saints was posthumously converting dead Jews to their faith to insure those Jewish souls had eternal life, I couldn’t have been offended!  How desperate, how pathetic, how cynical can you get?  “I couldn’t convince to you validate my beliefs in this world so I’ll do the thinking for you after you die!”  Talk about chutzpah.

And can you think of a more sensational way in the post Holocaust era of selling Jesus to the Jewish community than figuring out a way to associate Jesus to the Shoah?  Now, Christians determined to obtain a heavenly reward by converting Jews have come out with a video entitled, That Jew Died For You in which a Jesus looking character is seen schlepping a cross amongst a group of Jewish Holocaust victims arriving at Auschwitz and confronting the infamous selection process.  Of course, Jesus is selected to go to the gas chamber.

What an offensive way of degrading both, Christianity and the Jewish victims of the Holocaust!  The 6,000,000 Jews who died in the Shoah lost their lives because THEY WERE NOT CHRISTIANS!  Are there no nobel values that were taught by Jesus that Christians can apply to improving this world without suggesting that their savior was, for the second time in history, totally impotent in the face of death?

Where was Jesus during the Holocaust?  I don’t know but I am sure beyond any doubt that the renown Jewish preacher from Galilee who was crucified by the Romans 2,000 years ago was NOT AT AUSCHWITZ!

How dare anyone defame the memories of my people and my loved ones with such a crass and shameless act of snake-oil salesmanship!


  1. Bernhard Rosenberg · April 25, 2014

    Subject: I do not agree with those who are attacking the video showing Jesus carrying a cross and being sent to the showers from the gates to Auschwitz

    I am the son of Holocaust survivors. Most of my family perished in the Holocaust, either in the crematorium or they were shot dead on the street. Like many children of Holocaust survivors I never had grandparents. I became a rabbi as a concept of never again. I vowed that I’d do everything in my power to stop evil and to make certain that people that are like the Nazis, demons that they are, would never succeed.

    When I viewed the film, “That Jew Died For You,” I recognized it as a movie of compassion. I am not a stranger to this subject having just authored a new book The Holocaust as Seen Through Film, one of the many books that I have written with a Holocaust theme.

    I do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah but I do believe he was a Jew. I am completely non-judgmental with regards to anyone’s religious observances. I don’t judge anybody because I did not go into the clergy for religious sake. I went into clergy for humanity’s sake. There are not too many Holocaust survivors’ kids around that think the way I do.

    I do not agree with those who are attacking the video showing Jesus carrying a cross and being sent to the showers from the gates to Auschwitz. If Jesus were at Auschwitz he would have been murdered just for being a Jew. If anything the attack on this video bolsters Jews for Jesus, which I’m sure was not the intent of those critics. I think that the purpose of the video was to show that indeed Jesus was a Jew; whether you accept him as the Messiah is up to you. LET ME STATE CLEARLY: I DO NOT ENDORSE JEWS FOR JESUS OR THEIR BELIEFS. But I think their intent was not to harm our Jewish people but to depict Jesus as the observant Jew he was. The historical Jesus was a devout Jew.

    I witnessed Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ in Manhattan when it first came out and there was an uproar—there was a fear that it would create a lot of anti-Semitism because of the way that Jesus is persecuted and victimized. The fact is Jesus, at least the spiritual Jesus, was supposed to die and be resurrected and that did happen in this film. It was not the Jews that killed Jesus; rather it was Pontius Pilate and the Romans. In fact, if you saw that picture, you would see that the Roman soldiers did the floggings. Many people do not understand history at all.

    I believe that it was the teachings of the Church, not Jesus, that allowed Hitler to spread his ideology of hatred for the Jews. I am happy that the teachings of the Church regarding the Jewish people have changed. A special thank you to the Christians who support the state of Israel.

    The bottom line is that Jesus’ message was not to hate the Jews, but to love all humanity, and he would certainly not say that one should hate his own people. Instead of hatred in the world, there should be love. And if that was the message Jesus communicated, then that was an outstanding message for all of mankind. During this period of Easter and Passover, as well as the remembrance of the Holocaust, may love conquer evil and may we together fight hatred and intolerance.

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg

    • Mitchell S. Gilbert · April 25, 2014

      Rabbi Rosenberg, if a Christian or a Mormon came to you and asked you to participate in posthumous conversion of your deceased Jewish loved ones would you? Would you let a Christian missionary with good intentions mark the tombstone of Jew with a crucifix? No one is accusing the producers of the film, “The Jew Who Died for You” of malice intent. But there are such things are theological arrogance and defiling the memory of someone or some group for self interest. Your attempt at promoting yourself as somehow being less judgemental of others is noble but in this instance, you too would appear to be guilty of focusing more on a personal agenda item than protecting the memories of our loved ones from being abused by others.

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  3. Bernhard Rosenberg · April 25, 2014

    Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau gave a powerful speech at the March of the Living
    There may be those who believe I am being used by Jews for Jesus or Christian groups by allowing by article to be published. My answer is simply I seek a world where I and my family, 4 children and so far 7 grandchildren can observe Torah and mitzvoth, the 5 books of Moses and the commandments. I seek a world where instead of fighting each other we can love and help each other. As an observant Jew I WILL LIVE AND DIE OBSERVING Jewish law and so will by children and grandchildren. The message of peace, shalom, is a message of comfort. That is my blessing for all of us. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  4. Elrond · April 25, 2014

    The gas chambers and the 6 million figure are mythological narratives. Some hundreds of thousands (jews) died in the camps of diseases and starvation, though. Some 1+ million in the war(fighting for both Hitler and Stalin, in the ghettos etc.), all in all.

    • Mitchell S. Gilbert · April 25, 2014

      Ahhhhh…… a serious Holocaust denying hater feels compelled to share his/her self-serving delusions. I’m honored if not disgusted.

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