Republican Wisdom (video)

If this video doesn’t scare you, you don’t realize that this woman is not the exception. She reflects the level of intellect, bigotry and naiveté of more Americans than many of us would want to acknowledge.

There are two kinds of Republicans, the manipulators and the manipulated.

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Republican Wisdom, posted with vodpod


  1. MeDotOrg · November 5, 2011

    re: Republican Wisdom: It’s easy to find an idiot on either side of the isle. To me the frightening thing is not what this woman believes, but that there is a political movement invested in her ignorance.

    Beginning in the 80’s, there has been a long, slow slide of the middle class which accelerated dramatically with the housing bubble and market crash of ’08. With the middle class decimated, the political center is not holding. The structures and beliefs of the past are not working, and people yearn for a simpler time with simple answers.

    Enter the Tea Party: Do not despair, ye true sons and daughters of America! We have fallen away from the true faith!

    It is much easier to believe in that dream than to examine the systematic dismantling of the depression-era safeguards which regulated the financial service industry. The irony is that our downfall occurred precisely because we weren’t conservative. People believed that government power was bad, but they naively believed that power would not coalesce somewhere else. As much as Thomas Jefferson hated government, he hated corporations more.

  2. Mitchell S. Gilbert · November 5, 2011

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