Man posing as a “rabbi” promotes hate (video)

Regardless of the title by which he identifies himself, Yehuda Levin is neither a Jew or a rabbi.  Jews are not allowed to be filled with this kind of hate.  Even genuine Orthodox Jews who still adhere to historic-traditional interpretations of Torah and God’s will, dare not verbalize such hurtful, hateful remarks or attribute tragic events to God’s judgment.  The wisest sages of Israel have long warned people about trying to explain the ways of God, let alone attribute natural phenomena to God’s wrath just to promote their personal prejudices.
“Real” Rabbis of all denominations who believe in and love God, Torah and every sacred life created in the Divine Image,  should affirm Judaism’s most noble values and teachings by placing a “cherem” on Levin;  he should be shunned and excluded from the  Jewish community for the shame he has brought upon Jews, God and Torah.

Kudos to Youtube who banned this video for promoting hate.  But you can still see the video at Raw Story.


  1. Toni Starr · August 24, 2011

    Anyone who spreads hate and intolerance should be admonished and ignored, but will that stop them? Is there a way to educate or encourage them to examine their behavior? Public outcry might be the only way to expose them. Thanks for letting us know about this fake.

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