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Hatikvah! (VIDEO)

July 25, 2014

After such a sad and painful week as this has been, I think we all need to see something happy and  joyous that reminds us  why we love and believe in Israel.    Shabbat shalom.



Thanks to Rabbi Elka Abrahamson for originally posting this video to her FB page earlier today


The Muslim World Does Not Have a Monopoly On Life Threatening Religious Fanatics

July 24, 2014

I’m always amazed by the naive notion of many Islamophobes  who are sure that Muslim radicals are the most dangerous, unethical, religious fanatics on Earth -not realizing that such misuse and abuse of religious teachings can be found in almost every religious community.

Here is an example of a “Rabbi” who believes that Judaism justifies the destruction and murder of the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants.

(reprinted from the Jerusalem Post, 7.23.2014)

Rabbi Lior: Jewish law permits destruction of Gaza to bring safety to Israel

Rabbi Dov Lior

Kiryat Araba’s Chief Rabbi, Dov Lior

By Jeremy Sharon

Rabbi Dov Lior, a national- religious leader and the chief rabbi of Kiryat Arba and Hebron, published a letter on Monday saying that Jewish law permits destroying the entire Gaza Strip to bring peace to the south of the country.

Lior said that he had received questions about whether Jewish law permits harming a civilian population not directly involved with the combatants.

He first cited the opinion of the Maharal of Prague, a renowned 16th-century rabbi, who wrote that a nation under attack can wage a fierce war against the assaulting nation, and that it is not obligated regarding the safety of people who are personally involved in hostilities.

“At a time of war, the nation under attack is allowed to punish the enemy population with measures it finds suitable, such as blocking supplies or electricity, as well as shelling the entire area according to the army minister’s judgment, and not to needlessly endanger soldiers but rather to take crushing deterring steps to exterminate the enemy,” Lior wrote.

Addressing the hostilities with Hamas, the rabbi continued to say that “in the case of Gaza, it would be permitted for the defense minister to even order the destruction of all of Gaza so that the South will no longer suffer and to prevent injury to our people, who have been suffering for so long from the enemies surrounding us.”

“Talk of humanitarianism and consideration are nothing when weighed against saving our brothers in the South and across the country and the restoration of quiet to our land,” he said.

Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On condemned Lior’s comments and called on the attorney- general to open an investigation against him for incitement.

“Rabbi Dov Lior’s racist comments have for some time not been in the realm freedom of speech. We’re talking about a man who praises mass murder, who stands behind those who murder innocents and who took part in the incitement that led to the murder of a prime minister,” Gal-On said in reference to prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995.

“These type of comments aren’t made in an empty space, but constitute an inseparable part of the dangerous and tempestuous atmosphere prevailing in Israeli society in recent weeks,” she said.

“There is therefore a real concern that these comments will become a genuine threat to the lives of more innocent people.

These are not words of incitement written on the Web by anonymous sources, but by a chief rabbi in Israel, and therefore they must be addressed with appropriate severity.”

Lior once wrote an approbation for a book called The King’s Torah that was co-written in 2009 by radical settler figure Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, which permitted killing civilian non- Jews in times of war.

He was summoned by police for questioning on grounds of incitement to violence but refused to report for questioning, saying the Torah was not open to police investigation. He was subsequently arrested and brought for questioning but no charges were made.

The Next Time Someone Tells You Israel is a Racist/Apartheid State….

July 23, 2014

Show them this photograph of an ISRAELI family mourning the loss of their husband and father. 


The wife and young daughter of Sergeant Major Bayhesain Kshaun cry over his fresh grave during the funeral ceremony at the Netivot military cemetery, July 22, 2014. Kshaun, 39, was killed by an anti-tank missile fired at the force responding to a terrorist infiltration incident on July 21. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

The wife and young daughter of Sergeant Major Bayhesain Kshaun cry over his fresh grave during the funeral ceremony at the Netivot military cemetery, July 22, 2014. Kshaun, 39, was killed by an anti-tank missile fired at the force responding to a terrorist infiltration incident on July 21. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)


Further Evidence of How Smart and Safe Gun Owners Are (VIDEO)

July 22, 2014


Please don’t leave dumb comments like:

  • He’s just one moron, not all gun owners are that dumb

  • What do you expect from a damn (insert name of ethnic group or race you hate)?

  • Most gun owners are responsible people who would never leave a gun on a table near a child

  • Jesus and the 2nd Amendment allow me to have a gun. F*ck you liberal asshole, tree-hugging, socialist, Nazi pig

  • etc. etc. etc.

Hawks Can’t Go Vegan

July 20, 2014

Hawks can't go vegan.001

Jews and Palestinians Agree On This: We Don’t Want You Here (Video)

July 20, 2014



Two Words That Many American Patriots Are Unfamiliar With

July 17, 2014
Undocumented Immigrant Buses Turned Away in California
kəˈmyo͞onitē  noun
  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
SHe(ə)r  verb
gerund or present participle: sharing
  1. have a portion of (something) with another or others

Robert Reich true patriots

Why is it so hard for some people to “share” what the have with other people in the “community” of Americans?  Here  are two more definitions that may clarify the problem.


[sel-fish]  adjective

1. devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits,welfare, etc., regardless of others.
2. characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself: selfish motives.


[big-uht]  noun

a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creedbelief, or opinion.

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